Data Rescue Service


HDD Rescue

Hard disk is fragile, hard disk is a mechanical device, if after collision, then the information may not be read. The laptop or portable hard drive as easy to carry, the problem of exposure to different environmental factors that occur are not the same, such as fire, water, dust, pollution, collision and fall, so the laptop or portable hard disks are more likely to be lost information, often resulting in personal life or work memories and high operational loss in DRS, we found that mechanical, and electrical failure, logical (software) damage and operator error will cause data loss. HDD Rescue Service


Flash Disk Rescue

Flash drives and memory Cain small size, light weight, hot-swappable and can be rewritten, commonly used in everyday life portable storage devices. Although they compared to a mechanical hard drive is more tolerant to resist external impact inadvertently, but still possible because of severe physical damage, or the wrong USB port wiring damaged flash drive circuit, resulting in a relative failure and data destruction chances of promotion. UFD rescue services


NAS and RAID rescue services

NAS or servers and RAID disk array system of corporate data storage device is commonly used, but if the event of a failure, usually component failure (including hard disk and array controller card) or damage to the operating system and applications, making data Unable to read, and recording and data storage is usually to maintain the company's operations and jobs, can be said to be one of the important assets of the enterprise, then you need to seek expert in this area for you to solve the crisis.NAS, RAID rescue services

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